Info Payment of Earning on Mining

Withdrawal of earnings of mining you will be able to do on your mining page. There will be a summary of your balance and a button to extract your balance. Read More

Information About Mining

CPU stands for 'central processing unit' and is a key part of a computer. The CPU tells the other parts of the computer what to do according to any installed software (SW). When a SW is installed, the CPU therefore dictates the conditions, as directed by the SW, for the computer to perform what is scripted. Read More

Read All About Hash and Share Here

We have received many questions about Hash rate and accepted shares, so to clarify see below a brief information about the result you can get in the eXeR mining, and also general information on hash rate and accepted shares and how it works. Read More

GPU Mining CUDA Installation

If you run into problems with the GPU mining after installation, it can be the program not will start or it close down after try start Mining, then it can be your grapich card drivers, need some updates.

Your grapich card have to be CUDA compatible for run the Mining software.

You can download the driver here: Download

If still problems after this installation please contact us, so we can solve the problem you have.